Schedules and costs

Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd may 2020: 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Registration opens every morning at 8:00.
The seminars are open to all regardless of experience level and the federation or organization.
The organization will provide the opportunity to sleep in special facilities convention. Reservations required. There will be a service meals for lunch and dinner in the Convention for the three days of the seminars with low prices on practice sites
The entry fee of the seminars:
75 € three days
65 € two days
55 € a single day
25 € for children under 14 years old

Registration in the morning directly to the stage (the entries are open saturday, sunday and monday from 8 am to 9).
Booking and paying before April 20th you will be entitled to a discount on the cost of the course: 65 € for three days (instead of 75 €), 55 € for two (instead of 65 €) and 45 € for one (instead of 55 €).
The communications reservations may be sent by mail to (specifying the main basic martial art necessary for the final accounting, but that leaves us free to enjoy all the arts) and the registration fee should be made out to:

“Società sportiva arti marziali Taki no Kan”
Unicredit Banca
Agenzia Verona Saval (02306)
Bic Swift UNCRITM1P06
IBAN IT 89 K 02008 11728 000100648394